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Why choosing us?

At Oracle Ezy Finance, we aim to make your experience joyful and less stressful in pursuit of your dreams. Whether you are buying your dream house, business or car, we make the loan process simple for you. Finance people you can trust.

We are backed by years of experience and numerous success stories, and as we understand the fundamentals of this industry, we put forth the best finance options that contribute to fulfilling your dreams.


Spend a few moments checking out our site’s clever loan options tool and our guide to home loans.


If you are looking to borrow up to $75,000, we will approve it today give that you meet our eligibility criteria.


There are a host of options when it comes to investment loans and we’ll be able to walk you through the right solutions for you.


A personal loan might be right for you if you want to fund the purchase of a car, boat, holiday or if you want to consolidate debt.


Residential Lending

Our website has some useful calculators and resources which may be helpful to you regarding home loans. For more information, contact our team of experienced home loan mortgage brokers.

Investment Lending

Whether you looking to buy an investment property or subdivide and build further, we have all the loan options available for you. Contact our team at Oracle Ezy Finance for one-on-one meeting free of charge to find the best option for you.

Commercial Lending

We have multiple lenders who are looking for your business. For any commercial loan inquiries, contact us for assistance. We help you access the best commercial loan products and lenders available.


If you are looking to buy a residential or a commercial property for your SMSF, we can get a preapproval for your comfort. If you want to check, whether you will be able to buy a property before you set a SMSF, we can do the basic servicing and provide you the rough estimates.

Vehicle & Equipment Loan

Whether you are looking for a car for personal use or buy a car, truck, or any other equipment for business purposes, we help you secure the funding at best interest rates.

Personal Loan

Contact our experienced team at Oracle Ezy Finance if you are looking for personal loans for holidays, renovations etc. We will find you the best interest rates.


While buying your first home is an exciting and emotional journey, it sometimes is very confusing. Every buyer has their…

Construction Loans

A construction loan is usually for residential houses built for personal living or investment purposes. Instead of lump-sum payments as…

What our clients say
Bhagwant Singh
We are happy with services of Oracle Ezy Finance. Mr JASPAL SINGH was very approachable, answered all our queries and found us the best interest rate. We highly recommended Oracle Ezy Finance for your home loans.

During the past six months, l have, together with my colleagues, had the pleasure of working together with the team at Oracle Ezy Finance to achieve the goal.

Our Lenders
Seeking expert property advice?

At Oracle Ezy Finance, we are passionate to help people achieve their financial goals through wise investments in the Australian real estate market.